Renewable Natural Gas project

Construction on our Renewable Natural Gas project is progressing at an incredible pace. This project, which is a partnership between Kewaunee Renewable Energy (a subsidiary of DTE Energy) and Kinnard Farms will produce enough renewable natural gas each year to provide energy for approximately 2,476 homes. To put this into [...]

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Nature Conservancy Magazine – Growing Green

© Robert Clark. Photo of Lee Kinnard The Nature Conservancy works every day with farmers, ranchers and fishers who want to conserve natural resources and reduce their impact on the environment. These five innovators are helping produce better food, healthier soils and cleaner waters. Click here to learn more about Lee [...]

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From hand hauling to high-tech automation

Persistence pays off for Kinnard Farms as the Wisconsin operation works to streamline recycling of its manure-laden sand bedding. One back surgery and 30 years later, Lee Kinnard, co-owner of Kinnard Farms in Wisconsin, is starting to believe that the dairy has finally put all the pieces in place to [...]

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Kinnard Farms selected as one of the Door-Kewaunee Watershed Demonstration Farms

Northeastern Wisconsin's Door Kewaunee Watershed is now home to a network of farms that will demonstrate the best conservation practices to protect the Great Lakes. Kinnard Farms will be one of the four farms participating, each playing a significant role in testing, demonstrating, and sharing information about leading-edge practices and [...]

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