Renewable Natural Gas project


Construction on our Renewable Natural Gas project is progressing at an incredible pace. This project, which is a partnership between Kewaunee Renewable Energy (a subsidiary of DTE Energy) and Kinnard Farms will produce enough renewable natural gas each year to provide energy for approximately 2,476 homes. To put this into [...]

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This Wisconsin Dairy is Built for the Long Haul


The milking facilities at Kinnard Farms in Casco Wisconsin were built for the long haul. “We've been milking at this [dairy] for four years,” says Lee Kinnard, owner and president of Kinnard Farms.“So probably 15 years ago, we sat down as a family and said, okay, where's the future of [...]

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Members re-elect three to DBA board


Members of the Dairy Business Association re-elected three members to fill open positions on its board of directors today at the group’s annual business meeting at DBA’s Dairy Strong conference, including Lee Kinnard, the group’s secretary. See complete press release here.

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2019 Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to the 2019 Kinnard Farms Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship winners! This scholarship is awarded to local graduating high school seniors looking to pursue a career related to agriculture. Each recipient receives a $1,500 scholarship to reward them for their outstanding high school accomplishments and to help them reach [...]

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Field trip offers students agriculture career options


Hundreds of middle school students took to the field Thursday to learn about careers in agriculture. A line of school buses, made its way through the 20-acre barn at Kinnard Farms near Casco. Owner Lee Kinnard says this 7,200 dairy cow complex is state-of-the-art. "Technology is the great equalizer that [...]

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2018 Scholarship Recipients


The future looks bright for agriculture as indicated by the outstanding applications we received for the Kinnard Farms Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship. The 2018 recipients are Jared Baudhuin, Mikayla Haack and Ben Ullmann. Each recipient receives a $1,500 scholarship to recognize and reward their high school accomplishments and interest [...]

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Nature Conservancy Magazine – Growing Green


© Robert Clark. Photo of Lee Kinnard The Nature Conservancy works every day with farmers, ranchers and fishers who want to conserve natural resources and reduce their impact on the environment. These five innovators are helping produce better food, healthier soils and cleaner waters. Click here to learn more about Lee [...]

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Milking Prep: Same Process, Every Time


Kinnard Farms was recognized in the November issue of Dairy Herd Management for their use of teat scrubbers in their pre-milking routine. Lee Kinnard (left) and employee, Shaun Hardtke, see three benefits to using the teat scrubbers: people comfort, cow comfort and quality milk. Click here to read the [...]

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From hand hauling to high-tech automation


Persistence pays off for Kinnard Farms as the Wisconsin operation works to streamline recycling of its manure-laden sand bedding. One back surgery and 30 years later, Lee Kinnard, co-owner of Kinnard Farms in Wisconsin, is starting to believe that the dairy has finally put all the pieces in place to [...]

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