Kinnard Farms Wins U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award


Kinnard Farms won a U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award at an awards ceremony in Chicago on June 28 for their innovative ways to maximize water, soil and cow comfort while supporting their rural community. Left to right are family members David and Jackie Stewart, Lee Kinnard, and Matt Nuckols, event M.C. [...]

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2016 Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to the 2016 Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship recipients: Abigail Joski of Kewaunee, Carmen Haack of Algoma, and Emily Gilson of Luxemburg. “Each of the Excellence in Agriculture Scholarship recipients has a strong passion for agriculture and exceptional community involvement,” says Jackie Kinnard-Stewart of Kinnard Farms. “These students grew up [...]

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Dairy education in two years or less


One- and two-year programs like Northeast Iowa Community College allow students to get an education for less money and enter the dairy workforce much faster than the traditional four-year route. Allison Babler says Lakeshore Technical College prepared her well, took a year to complete and left her no student debt. [...]

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Coolest Cows Around


This summer’s heat and humidity has really put our new barn to the test. Our new and innovative cooling system has done an excellent job of keeping our “girls” and our cow caregivers comfortable despite the heat, while simultaneously conserving water. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of sharing the details [...]

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The triplets made their media debut!


Mom and babies were camera ready thanks to Allison, Michelle and Shaun. Thanks to their entourage who helped make sure our girls looked their best. And, thanks to Mike Austin from WFRV-TV Channel 5 for sharing our 1 in 8 million story.

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Kinnard Farms’ New Facility Keeps it All ‘Under One Roof’


A family that began farming with 14 cows in 1947 will soon be milking 7,000 in a brand-new rotary milking parlor and cutting-edge cross-ventilated barn. Neatly tucked in the gently rolling topography of northeast Wisconsin, the impressive facility at Kinnard Farms Inc. catches the eye. The enclosed barn stretches one-third [...]

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