Our History

Kinnard Farms, Inc. is a family owned dairy and crop farm based in North Central Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, 25 miles Northeast of Green Bay. Founded on April 9, 1948 by Alvin and Milly Kinnard with the purchase of 80 acres, 14 cows and seven heifers using money borrowed from their parents, today’s operation holds true to the founders’ original vision.

Alvin and Milly were extremely progressive and hardworking. These traits served their family and their business well, and both prospered under their loving guidance.

In January of 1972, their oldest child, Rod, accompanied by his wife, Maureen, joined the farm. It was at this time that the business structure was changed to a corporation to protect the future of the farm. By this time, the farm had grown to nearly 300 acres and 90 milking cows, and Alvin and Milly’s family had grown to include seven children. The next 20 years brought continued growth and improvement, and the business supported not only Alvin and Milly’s family, but Rod and Maureen’s growing family, as well.

In 1987, Alvin and Milly’s youngest child, Lee, joined the farm as a full-time employee. Unfortunately, only two years later, on July 31, 1989, Alvin died unexpectedly. The family quickly realized that the structure of the operation needed to change to offset the loss of their founder and father, as he was still a large contributor to the daily labor necessary to run the farm. The family began laying the plans for a large modernize and expansion plan, and on June 29, 1990, Lee was allowed to purchase into the corporation. This plan laid the foundation for the current farm which consists of 8,200 cows, 7,000 heifers located in Colorado, 10,750 acres, and currently provides jobs for 100 valued employees. Kinnard Farms also generates jobs indirectly for hundreds of others, including the custom operators (those who harvest the crops and haul the manure), the veterinarians and nutritionists, milk haulers, and others.

The home farm is still located on the same parcel of land. Several years ago, the family realized the existing barns were nearing capacity and if future growth were to be made, a new path needed to be chosen. There was always a keen awareness that the dairy industry was continuing to evolve, and as always, change is an opportunity in disguise.

Many discussions were held internally, and the family relied heavily on their trusted team of consultants, as well as friends in the dairy business to help guide them through the process. Sadly, it was during this exciting time in the business’s history that Milly’s health began failing. On October 3, 2010, both the Kinnard family and the farm suffered a huge blow when their beloved mother and business co-founder passed. This loss only further reinforced the urgency to create a new path for the business that stayed true to the founders’ original vision.

After countless hours of meetings, planning and traveling, the plan came together and the new barn was completed in 2015. In the Spring of 2012, an environmental assessment plan was submitted to regulatory agencies for approval. After nine months of hard work, on November 27 of 2012, Kinnard Farms was formally given the green light to proceed with its plans of building and growing.

The Kinnards are proud to continue the legacy started by their parents, Alvin and Milly, 70 years ago. Although the look of Kinnard Farms has changed over the years, the family’s passion for the animals and commitment to caring for the environment has not — if anything, this passion has grown and developed, just like the farm.

“Today, when I keep on trying to find a better way to do something, whether it’s getting the best quality milk, or testing the soil to find the perfect nutrient balance, I think of our parents. I know they would be proud of what we’ve built here. The look of the farm continues to change, but their values – our values – remain the same.”
– Lee Kinnard