Renting or Selling Your Land to Kinnard Farms

Finding Common Ground

The reason we farm is because we love agriculture. The Golden Rule guides us. Our contracts with landowners start with a conversation and a handshake. We believe in open communication in making decisions with our landowners. We respect that this is your land. This philosophy creates a win-win partnership giving our landowners a strong return on their investment.

We prefer a three- to five-year contract because of the upfront investment we make in studying your soil; installing drainage pipes, if necessary; picking rocks; and improving your land’s productivity.

Our machine operators are trained, highly-skilled professionals. Our local team members meet with our landowners to assure your questions and concerns are addressed.

We believe being a good neighbor and farming the land is an honorable profession. We welcome your partnership in this endeavor to provide people with good nutrition and provide a return on your valuable investment.

The Kinnard Family